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“Our working relationship with Superior Fresh is more than just a transaction, it is truly a partnership. Fresh, local, organic, and sustainable products produced through an amazing blend of science and nature. At Albert’s, we are excited to be part of the future of agriculture, that is here today!”
— Scott Schaeppi, Division Manager @ Albert's Organics

Why Superior Fresh leafy greens?

Product Offering

Superior Fresh grows both head lettuce and baby greens under the same roof, providing customers with a wide range of products to cover all of your leafy green needs. We are continually trialling new varieties and improving on current blends. An herb and micro green line will follow with future greenhouse expansions.


We’re bringing our farm into your hometown store. Superior Fresh locates farms near the markets that need fresh produce the most. Local means that your business is no longer dependent upon astronomical freight costs!

More Usable Product

Unlike common field-grown leafy greens, our heads don’t contain thick, unusable cores or stalks. Our greens yield over 90% in each case, versus the common standard of 65-70% from the field. More usable product means more product for the price.

Shelf Life

Our greens are cooled immediately after harvest to increase the quality and lengthen the shelf life. Leafy greens are ready to ship the day after harvest, saving days of shelf life that is passed onto the customer. A longer shelf life means reduced shrink and waste for the end user.


Our vast product offerings can be used in many different applications. Staples such as salads and sandwiches and specialties like smoothies and wraps.

Flavor Packed

Spicy arugula, bold romaine, extra sweet butter, and everything in between. Perfectly paired mixes or stand alone stars - the options are endless.


To ensure only the freshest product reaches your plate, Superior Fresh harvests and ships daily. Consistent pricing allows you to know your margins all of the time without succumbing your business to the ebbs and flows of traditional produce pricing.

Eating with Your Eyes

From bright and vibrant green to rich and ruby red. Our greens are just as appetizing to the eyes and accentuate a plate beautifully.






Greenhouse Certifications


100% USDA Organic

All of our greens are certified 100% Organic. We obtained our first Organic certification in October of 2017, with additional audits taking place annually thereafter. Obtaining Organic certification as an aquaponics facility is no easy feat. It is very difficult for conventional hydroponic greenhouses to obtain Organic certification due to high costs and lack of approved inputs available. With our integration of aquaculture, we are able to use the organic nutrients the fish provide and avoid the conventional alternatives.


Greenhouse Safe

Our crops are protected by 4 walls and a roof - guarding them from the elements and contaminants. Food safety is the number one focus of our team and is built into every task on our farm. To show our commitment to safe produce, our greenhouse is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified.



Why Superior Fresh Fish?


Omega-3 Profile

The Omega-3 profiles in our fish are among the highest on the market. Getting proper amounts of Omega-3 is known to have numerous health benefits - including early life development during pregnancy, decreased risk, and overall optimal health. It is recommended that adults consume at least two servings of Omega-3 rich fish per week.


Superior Fresh Atlantic salmon and Steelhead are “fins” above the rest. Superior Fresh only harvests premium fish ensuring you get thick, firm, buttery fillets. With a clean, pure, and adaptable profile, our fish are perfect for both cooked and raw application - including grill, oven, flat top, smoked, sashimi, and more! No matter the method, Superior Fresh fish will bring about a picture perfect finish every time.

Organic Diet

Superior Fresh fish are fed an organic diet rich in fishmeal and fish oil harvested from sustainable fisheries and organically-produced grains. The growout feed does not contain genetically modified ingredients or any land-animal byproducts.

Contaminant Free

Unlike wild-caught or net-pen farmed fish, Superior Fresh fish are free of the contaminants that occur in our precious rivers and oceans. Such contaminants include PCB’s and heavy metals.





Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch recommends Atlantic salmon and Steelhead raised in recirculating systems are a “Best Choice” for consumers.


Best Aquaculture Practices

Our farming methods are certified to meet or exceed all standards of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) programs.


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