Our Story

Superior Fresh is an industry leading aquaponics facility specializing in leafy greens, Atlantic salmon, and Steelhead. Our Northfield facility is situated on a 720-acre native restoration property nestled in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin. Superior Fresh’s flagship facility is the largest of its kind, filled with state of the art equipment and technology. Our production systems provide the freshest and most healthy products year-round, while practicing ecologically sound water conservation with zero-discharge of production water.


Restoring our Lands

Freshwater Family Farms is located on the same 720-acre property as Superior Fresh. Freshwater Family Farms is a private company that is actively restoring native prairie, oak savanna, and woodlands. Their mission is to enhance the wildlife habitat by continuously adding native flora to the site and removing all invasive species. Additionally, they establish native seed production fields to encourage the distribution of native plants on the property as well as in other areas across Wisconsin. On-site there are two lakes that provide aquatic habitat and vegetation to our expanded ecosystem. Our site has year-round beauty that will only grow with the continued passion of Freshwater Family Farms to restore the land.


Our Team

Meet the team that strives to set the industry standard for fresh, local, sustainable, and organic food! From our team to your table, we promise what we produce, and we produce what we promise.