Do you offer tours?

We have to be very limited with the groups we bring in due to food safety and biosecurity reasons. We have to limit guests to our customers, partners, and select educational groups. We do not offer tours to the general public. To request an educational tour, please fill out this Tour Request Form.

Are you hiring?

Visit our Join Our Team page to see our current positions and apply.

Do you sell from youR farm direct to CUSTOMERS?

We do not currently sell any products from our farm direct to the customer. All of our fish and greens are picked up by one of our distribution partners and delivered to various retailers. You can use the Store Locator map to find the closest retailer for greens and fish.

What certifications does your farm hold?

Our leafy greens are 100% certified Organic. Our greenhouse is also SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified for our intense food safety practices. Our fish rearing practices are BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified, with our harvesting practices audited by WI-DATCP (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection).


Since we are in a greenhouse protected environment, there is no need for us to wash our greens prior to packing like traditional field-grown products. Our greens are raw and unwashed for maximum shelf life and freshness.

What is the purple glow that comes from your farm?

We choose to let the sun be the primary provider of light to our plants. Our diffused glass roof is extremely efficient at allowing the sunlight to hit our leaves while avoiding shadows. Our energy saving LED lights are only used in the winter months when the daylight hours in Wisconsin are too short to grow plants. The combination of red and blue LEDs create the purple “glow”.

What do you feed the fish?

Superior Fresh fish are fed an organic diet rich in fishmeal and fish oil harvested from sustainable fisheries and organically-produced grains. The grow-out feed does not contain genetically modified ingredients or any land-animal byproducts.

Is your produce non-gmo or organic?

Yes, both. Our leafy greens are 100% organic and non-GMO. Obtaining organic certification as an aquaponics facility is no easy feat, and we are very proud of this accomplishment. It is very difficult for conventional hydroponic greenhouses to obtain organic certification due to the high costs and lack of approved inputs available. If it were easy, all hydroponic growers would be certified. With the integration of aquaculture, we are able to use the organic nutrients the fish provide and avoid the high-priced alternatives. Organic certification as an aquaponic operation comes with its own set of challenges, as we need to create the best environments for very different growing types. However, we have built our team with experts from various industries that allow us to not only achieve organic certification, but we continue to manage and improve the process as a whole.

Are your fish raised in freshwater or saltwater?

Our fish are raised in fresh, Wisconsin groundwater. We don’t use any saltwater at our farm.

How do you cook fish?

There are many ways to cook both our Atlantic salmon and Steelhead. Common choices are to grill, pan sear, bake, or even eat sashimi style. We have a variety of recipes we’ve taste tested ourselves.

How can your fish be “atlantic salmon” if they aren’t from the Atlantic Ocean?

Atlantic salmon is the species of fish we raise, it does not denote where the fish are from. This is similar to the African elephant - the elephant does not have to be in the country of Africa to be an African elephant.

Can I purchase stocks of Superior Fresh?

Superior Fresh is proud to be a family-owned private company.

Are your products vegan?

Yes. Our greens are not derived from the fish.