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Best Choice Ranked Atlantic Salmon Raised Sustainably in Wisconsin




Superior Fresh Atlantic salmon and Steelhead fillets are “fins” above the rest. Superior Fresh only harvests premium fish, ensuring you get thick, firm, buttery fillets. With a clean, pure, and adaptable profile, Superior Fresh fish are perfect for both cooked and raw application - including grill, oven, flat top, smoked, sashimi, and more! No matter the method, Superior Fresh fish will bring about a picture perfect finish every time!

Organic Diet

Superior Fresh fish are fed an organic diet rich in fishmeal and fish oil harvested from sustainable fisheries and organically-produced grains. Our growout diet is 100% non-GMO.

Omega-3 Profile

The Omega-3 levels in our fish are among the highest on the market. Getting proper amounts of Omega-3s is known to have numerous health benefits - including early life development during pregnancy, decreased heart disease risk, and overall optimal health. It is recommended that adult adults consume at least two servings Omega-3 rich fish per week.

Contaminant Free

Unlike wild-caught or net-pen farmed fish, Superior Fresh fish are free of the contaminants that occur in the river and ocean environments. Such contaminants include PCB’s and heavy metals.



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