Our Greens

Organic | Safe | Local | Fresh

“In Wisconsin, finding product like this is an absolute godsend. Not only is the quality of the product absolutely top notch, but the way in which it’s produced and why it’s being produced, makes Superior Fresh’s product and mission statement of the highest accolade in my book. 10/10 all day.”
— Joseph Sieg, Executive Chef @ The Informalist Restaurant

Greenhouse Grown

Greenhouse Safe

Our crops are protected by 4 walls and a roof - guarding them from the elements and contaminants. Food safety is the number one focus of our team and is built into every task on our farm. To show our commitment to safe produce, our greenhouse is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified.

Clean Label

Everything is non-GMO and no harmful pesticides are used. Our greens are clean, safe, and pure.

100% USDA Organic

All of our greens are 100% Organic.

No Need to Wash

“The Great Debate” - there is no need to wash greenhouse grown leafy greens prior to packing like traditional field-grown products. Our greens are raw and unwashed for maximum shelf life and freshness.

Salad Blends

We have 9 varieties of salad blends available for purchase at your local market. To see recipes we’ve tried and tweaked ourselves, visit our recipes page.

Baby Arugula

Zesty, flavor-packed experience

Power Blend

Spicy, bold blend of hearty greens.

Spring Mix

Tender blend of sweet baby greens.

Baby Romaine Blend

Delicate pairing of flavorful romaine.

Midwest Medley

Vibrant variety of baby greens.

Superior Crunch

Crispy, crunchy, and full-flavored.

Mighty Mix

Peppy mix of vitamin packed greens.

LOCAL 50/50

Half spinach, half spring mix.

Baby Spinach

A healthy, versatile superfood.

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